Strategy as a Service

Application & Cloud Assessment Service for IT:

A robust application portfolio strategy is vital for every company. At SnapIT, we will help your business with application life cycle assessments (retain/retire), plus help identify new application opportunities and strategies. We will assess application fitness for migration to, or between, cloud-deployed services, that will help you better address business challenges and opportunities.

    1. Two Week Assessment (Annual IT budget less than 10 Million Dollars)
    2. Four Week Assessment (Annual IT budget between 10 Million to 50 Million Dollars)
    3. Eight to Twelve Week Assessment (Annual IT budget between 50 Million Dollars to 200 Million dollars)
    4. More than 200 Million, please contact us for pricing and assessment time.

Cost Optimization Service for IT:

There are often opportunities to consolidate and eliminate data and application redundancies across IT. Our experienced staff will identify consolidation opportunities that will allow you to trim your costs and improve performance. You will receive recommendations and guidance throughout the process based on our Application & Cloud Assessment.

    1. 20% (Up to 2 Million Dollars Savings)
    2. 15% (Between 2 Million to 5 Million Dollars of Savings)
    3. 10% (More than 5 Million Dollars Savings)


Talent Strategy Services for IT:

We will perform a talent assessment to determine which technology and skill sets your company should retain on-shore and which to delegate off-shore. We will help you build a talent roadmap for your most critical applications.